What Is Painted Rusted Roofing?

By Paul Rubio

A Solution For The Common Problems Associated With Corten Roofing

Painted roofing panels that look old and weathered are the best alternative for an instant rustic appearance. Also known as specialty paint prints, it is a product that has been painted repeatedly giving the finish depth and uniqueness. The paint line applies a base coat of solid color on the coil. The coil is than painted a second time with a different color using a special engraved paint roller that creates a rustic pattern on the coil. A paint print will try to replicate a naturally occurring patina. Specialty paint prints normally consist of painted panels that try and replicate the following appearances: orange/brown rust, faded dull gray, patina’d copper, or blackened steel.



These three roofing products each have unique advantages and disadvantages. Specialty paint prints arrive looking weathered, there are no rust stains, and there is a paint warranty. The trade-off is that they cost a little more and they may not look as authentic as the real thing. Corten and bare cold-rolled steel cost less and normally look nicer. However, there is no warranty and anything that rust equals rust stains.

In addition, when using Corten or bare, cold-rolled steel it is important to use a minimum of 22-gauge steel. Areas that have salt-laden air, high rainfall, humidity or persistent fog are typically not the proper environment for Corten and even less so for bare steel. If you live in a salt laden environment and are considering using a specialty paint print we recommend that you consider an aluminum substrate and a marine paint.

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Get the rusted look without the rust stains!

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